GBCL Global is an education consultancy founded in London in 2006. It organises educational programmes in the UK and overseas for students from all over the world. GBCL Global covers all possible types of courses as per students’ requirements; from short term part-time training courses and language programmes to courses of further and higher education.

GBCL Global helps students who wish to study abroad on every step of their enrolment process; from selection of an educational institution and preparation of documents to their arrival in the country of destination and even further during their studies. GBCL Global also provides all essential student services from visa assistance to travel, transport and accommodation arrangements.

GBCL Global is an official partner of English UK, a British organisation which unites top class colleges and agencies. The company is recognised as an ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor as well.

GBCL Global has direct contracts with a number of universities worldwide. Additionally we work with high quality colleges and language schools in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

GBCL Global is a multilingual team of professionals from different sectors of the education industry. The team overlooks all aspects of student services, its main priority is to identify the most suitable courses for the students and guide them throughout the entire enrolment process.


Education in Western countries

Searching for the right university or school can be very time consuming, but the choice you make can be crucial for ones future life and career. Choosing the right eductaional institution is crucially important. Aside from reputation, both schools and universities ought to harbor a high quality of atmosphere, environment, teaching, qualifications and ample networking and social opportunities. Every person has different expectation of all these vital aspects and our consultants are here to help you find the right one. Now, there are more than 1000 higher educational institutions and many private schools accredited for foreign students and pupils. GBCLGLOBAL consultants can help you find the most suitable options for you, by taking into account all your priorities and criteria.
Let us know how we can help you. All of our services will be custom fitted to your particular needs. Whether you hope to return to your home country with employable skills and new knowledge as a national leader, or perhaps to become a thriving entrepreneur in your country after your studies, we want to foster your vision for success.

Impartial advice and counselling enable you to choose the right programme. Assistance from start to finish – we will be with you from the time we receive your application till you get accepted and start your program. 

All our education consultants are experienced, professional and friendly; many also have first-hand experience of studying in the UK and abroad and can offer a real empathy to all of our students and trainers. We work with the best accredited education providers around the world.

The educational process is no longer seen as merely a service, but rather an investment aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals, and achieving economic and social development for society, and if the economy is the lifeblood of contemporary human societies, education in its various forms is the substance of this artery, in order to ensure the continuity of economic prosperity.

Education comes at the forefront of the vocabulary of investment in the minds, governments have allocated enormous budgets for education, and the perception of the nature of educational spending has changed, and it is seen as an investment with a lucrative economic return, and not just a service provided by governments to their people.

Spending on education is an investment in individuals, because education determines the future of generations. The investment required is investing in science, as it is the culture of the present and the future.

Since the starting of our company in 2006, we provide educational advice to students wishing to study in Western countries as well as training services for the public and private sectors by providing packages of training courses for their employees and special courses for the executives.

Best Regards,


Dr. Khalid AlWekisi

Managing Director

MSc in Project Management / Sydney University, Australia

PhD in Human Resources Management / Brunel University, London

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